Research and Development

Harlow Testing Facility

Building the highest quality products requires testing the product in conditions far worse than what mother nature or human hands can put it through. Our laboratory and test facility has been validating products for over 40 years working directly with the certification bodies, VCA and BSI. Here in Harlow we have the equipment necessary to certify products for European legal compliance and customer specific validation plans. The Truck-Lite laboratory team does not stop there; we constantly develop our own testing methods, to ensure our products are robust in all environments. Our testing capabilities include shock and vibration; electrical development; environmental; photometry; European certification and international certification.

Our experienced laboratory staff are often called upon during the design and development stage to assist with lessons learnt and root cause analysis in order to ensure that our new and existing products retain a high level of performance.

Lab Scope

  • Water - IPX4, IPX5, IPX6, IPX7, Jet wash, Leak
  • Dust
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical
  • Measuring
  • Vibration – Random, Sinusoidal
  • Thermal – RH(Relative Humidity), Shock , Temperature(-40°C to +50°C), LED Endurance
  • Endurance – Mechanical
  • Optics – Reflex, Colour, Signal functions, Number plate
  • Impact – Drop ball impact, Mirror knock