Posted on: Wed, 12 Dec 2018
This year Truck-Lite Europe are launching the 'Truck-Lite Awards' as a way to thank and reward customers for their continued support.  In 2018 two awards will be given for 'Truck-Lite Fleet of the Year' and 'Truck-Lite Distributor of the Year'.

Truck-Lite are keen to show recognition for customers that demonstrate a greater willingness to embrace new technology and new products.  Additional criteria will be used dependent on the award, but consistently high customer service for distributors is also key.

"Truck-Lite are proud of the partnerships we have with all our customers and this is our way of recognising their continued commitment to working with us and using Truck-Lite products."  (James Liddell, European Sales Manager)

Winners for the 2018 awards will be announced in the next few weeks; each will receive their very own personalised model truck as well as a framed certificate.  Truck-Lite hopes the awards are well received and has plans to expand on them next year by introducing more categories, although full details are still to be confirmed.