Posted on: Thu, 14 Nov 2013
Truck-Lite Europe first to respond to updated Reg.

In response to new regulations, Truck-Lite Europe Ltd has upgraded its Model 645 number plate holder: the first manufacturer in the industry to do so.

Truck-Lite produce components, including lamps, horns, mirrors and trailer-harness-kits, for a multitude of companies: working within the Commercial Vehicle, Off-Road, Military and Trailer sectors, as well as the independent aftermarket and large OEM contracts.

ECE Reg. 4, which calls for specific field of visibility from certain angles when dealing with number plate surface to be illuminated, states a 30 visibility from the horizontal and 5 from the vertical. From October 2012, the European Whole Type Approval (EWTA), governed by 70/222 or 1003/2010 now mandates a 15 on the vertical up and down. As of yet no manufacturer has created a number plate holder to meet these regulations: until now!

By altering the design of the existing model, the Truck-Lite engineers have made it possible to meet the new requirements and are the first to the post in the ever-changing market of Commercial Vehicle Manufacture. The lamp can be fitted on any side of the holder.

Aaron Rylance, Managing Director of Truck-Lite Europe Ltd. said: keeping our end-users safe is our top priority. So when regulations change or come into play, we make sure that we are the first to respond. In a constantly evolving market, it's vital to stay on the ball; this demonstrates that we do.

The Model 645 will be available for all new purchases from 21 March 2013 and is able to fit securely onto any trailer, from commercial vehicles to horse-trailers, as well as being fitted onto existing harness-kits.