How LED's are made

Truck-Lite manufactures a range of products across various markets because of this we have become innovative leaders in manufacturing and producing LED products. However without fully understanding how LED’s are made you cannot appreciate the technical aspects that go into designing LED lighting and the benefits they provide. LED’s are from organic material and are grown and harvested. From this wafers are put under immense pressure, high temperatures and vapour density variations in reactors. This ‘finished’ wafer is then sliced into ‘chips’ or ‘die’. The next stages are encapsulating the LED in silicone then the LED’s are sorted into different ‘batches’, colour spectrums and can be used in various lighting products.

Advantages of LED's

Some advantages of LED are that they have a long-life of up to 100,000 hours dramatically longer than that of a recommended incandescent bulb. They are less fragile because they are a solid state unit with no filament and are less susceptible to breaking. Finally they have 70% lower power draw than bulbs which is less of a drain on the battery and can result in monetary savings in fuel economy. In summary LED’s are much more suited for the heavy duty industry due to their robust structure and design.