OEM Supplier

Supplying OEM's

Truck-Lite Europe is proud of supplying to OEM's for over fifty years. Our experience in working with major Truck OEM's such as Daimler, Scania and Volvo enables us to understand the demanding requirements our lighting and mirror products are required to meet and exceed in an ever changing industry. We also have a large portfolio of Off-Road customers where products have been developed to perform in some of the harshest conditions without dropping performance.

Truck-Lite also is a renowned provider of complete trailer solutions encompassing lighting and harnessing to service a wide range of Trailer manufacturers with very differing requirements. We have developed our products in accordance with the ever growing demands of both the customers we serve and the technologies we have helped develop.

Truck-Lite Europe is leading design and manufacturing processes enabling us to supply lighting products and mirror systems with innovative technologies that push the boundaries of the standards used across the Commercial Vehicle industry. By developing concepts and being at the forefront of technologies and innovations; Truck-Lite are evolving the way in which ‘Vision Systems’ are being viewed and working with our OEM customers to provide the optimum product combining reliability and performance to enhance the safety of the end-user.